The Joy Luck Club

In San Francisco, four Chinese women who escaped China during the communist takeover struggle to preserve their cultural identity while their American-born daughters try to find a balance between their own American values and their mothers’ Chinese ideologies. As they share each others’ dramas, tragedies, successes and shortcomings, they strive to bridge the gap between generations… Continue reading The Joy Luck Club

Pride and Prejudice; Emma (and anything else Jane Austen)

Jane Austen is less descriptive about the food in her novels than many other authors, and when she does refer to food, it is usually to tell us about the character’s social status, character (Mansfield Park’s Mrs. Norris and her gluttonous mooching from the Sotherton Estate) or idiosyncrasies (Emma’s Mr. Wodehouse and his penchant for… Continue reading Pride and Prejudice; Emma (and anything else Jane Austen)