About Me

My name is Nathalie van Walsum Fuson and I’m a Dutch expat living in Atlanta. I have so many passions (most of all, my amazing husband and daughters), which include books, writing, traveling, painting, drawing, hiking, food, dogs, sailing and yoga, to name just a few. As a child, I traveled all over the world with my diplomat parents (countries lived in include Romania, Switzerland, Brazil, Thailand and India), which cultivated my interest in international cuisines, and I will try to include books from as many different countries in this blog as I can.

If I don’t have my nose buried in a book then I’m probably busy writing one, and at the moment I’m trying to get my most recent novel published.  I have also published two short stories: “The Beast Tamer,”  in The MacGuffin, and “All That Glitters,” in Cicada. You can also find me on twitter at @NathalieFuson.